What is THINK?

Welcome to the website of team Think. Team Think. is a collaboration of students who are aiming to support the local community in a multitude of ways. Think. is a non-profitable organisation, a social enterprise primarily aiming to raise awareness and educate the local community of Oxfordshire about the negative impact of drugs and the risks involved around drugs and drug crime. We offer a variety of services and products that we sell to raise awareness for several issues embedded in the Oxfordshire community. We offer interactive workshops for students that are aged between 11 and 13 to make them aware of the negative impact of drugs. We deal with a range of social issues, we primarily raise awareness about exploitation of young people within drug trade, we also set our sights on speaking about topics such as gang pressure and knife crime. Our mission is supported by many Head teachers in the local community as well as Thames Valley Police. We at Think. want to make a positive influence on the lives of the people within our community so the right decisions can be made. To learn more about Think. click the button below, you can see our mission statement, goals, values and just about everything you need to know about us!



THINK. tries our hardest to create stable methods of communication with local businesses and prominent figures so we can start reaching out to a wide variety of people in our community in order to spread our message. As a team we have taken many steps to find out in what ways we can benefit the community the most and it was decided vocalising and raising awareness about vital issues would be best. We do all these things by promoting our brand which simply tells the viewer to 'THINK' about what they do. We raise funds by doing community activities such as cake sales or attending big shopping events and setting up stalls to get our name out. We also travel out to schools to collect data through surveys for the kids; and just the general knowledge of younger students towards the issues of drugs, knives and any other crime happening within oxford, we do this in a professional manner with a structured workshops designed specifically around finding out if the students know what issues are around them, and ensuring they are knowledgeable.


Creating a Brand

Using a brand and merchandise to help spread awareness


Raising funds

Raising funds to create opportunities for young people and to fund our efforts


Community activities

We help people find supportive organisations willing to offer their service for free/reduced price to the local community

Want to help the cause, spread awareness of a certain issue? Go ahead and email us we love working with interested members of the community! Or if you are feeling generous you can help by purchasing a share within THINK So you can be directly involved in our efforts and be sure your money is being used to support the community you live in. The purchase of a share will include you in our dedicated mailing list where you will get exclusive updates to what impact your money has had on our business and our mission.

If you or anyone else you know would like to be involved in our cause please direct them to us. 

It really helps us if you spread not only our voice but the message we bring!

We try to vocalise our message as much as possible, on of our many outlets being music, have a listen to the track down below; its on Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Deezer and Tidal!

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Like our music track? Share it with your friends, it helps us out also stay tuned for a up and coming 2nd Song!
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