THINK. tries our hardest to create stable methods of communication with local businesses and prominent figures so we can start reaching out to a wide variety of people in our community in order to spread our message. As a team we have taken many steps to find out in what ways we can benefit the community the most and it was decided vocalising and raising awareness about vital issues would be best. We do all these things by promoting our brand which simply tells the viewer to 'THINK' about what they do. We raise funds by doing community activities such as cake sales or attending big shopping events and setting up stalls to get our name out. We also travel out to schools to collect data through surveys for the kids; and just the general knowledge of younger students towards the issues of drugs, knives and any other crime happening within oxford, we do this in a professional manner with a structured workshops designed specifically around finding out if the students know what issues are around them, and ensuring they are knowledgeable.

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